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9am - 5pm May 18th, 2024

Henry River Farms

In the Beautiful NC Foothills

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Farm to table

The Holistic Homestead Conference

Have you ever dreamed of slowing down and becoming more intentional? Of not relying so heavily on the grocery store, but instead honing the skills to grow and preserve your own food and medicine. Have you yearned for a simpler way of life and a community to learn alongside?

Then you’re in the right place....

14 In-Person ​Homesteading ​Classes Offered!

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Canning Tomatoes
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Functional Medicine





Raw Meat

Rabbit Butchering

Seed propogation


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Family Dairy



Sunrise Outdoor Yoga Class

Human Movement



Free range Raw Boneless and skinless Chicken leg thigh fille

Chicken Butchering

Children doing Homeschooling at home

Homeschool Panel

Setting Healthy Habits

Meet Some of Our Speakers

Johnny Gomes, D.O., FAAEM, ​IFMCP

Owner of Optimal Health & Wellness

Functional Medicine Doctor

Katie Bryant

The Caterpillar Project

Writer, Homesteader, Wildcraft Herbalist

Amber Benge

Grace Walk Farm

Gardener, Herbalist,


Mandy Nix, RDN, MS

Owner of Healing Nutrition

Functional Nutrition Counselor, ​Co-owner of Henry River Farms

Brenda Huffman

Owner of Huffman Herbs

Naturopathic Provider,


Roy-Kyi Bryant

Beekeeper, Homesteader, ​Woodworker, Lives Off-Grid

Caitlin Ethridge

Homegrown Hopes

Writer, Homesteader,

Natural Living Enthusiast

Christian Lemmons

Natural Living Enthusiast, Homeschool Leader & Educator

Farm to Table Feast

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The Caterpillar Project

Writer, Homesteader, Wildcraft Herbalist

Meet the Chef- Jeremy Salig

Raised just outside Orlando, FL to a family where food ​culture was life, his formative experience was largely ​the osmosis of a Puerto Rican childhood. Tastes. ​Smells. Sounds, emotion, intuition. Now, at this point ​in his life, he has spent almost as many years in ​western NC as he had in his native land. His time here ​in the mountains has been experienced through ​purposeful learning, intentional training, seeking, ​finding, and creating. His cooking style seeks to blend ​the flavors and techniques of the cultures that have ​inspired and nurtured him. He’s held cook, pastry ​chef, and head chef positions and done various pop-​ups in Asheville, Morganton, and around Western NC.

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Farm-to-Table Feast ​includes pork entrée- ​raised on Henry River ​Farms, 3 sides & ​homemade biscuits.

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Farm-to-Table Feast ​included only with ​Lecture + Luncheon ​Ticket

Sourdough breads, GF baked goods & low sugar treats will be available to purchase from the Farm Bakery

- For this event only-

See You There!

We can’t wait to support each other toward a more holistic lifestyle ​and grow our homesteading community!

Email any assistance you need to

Lectures + Luncheon


  • Includes Lectures & Vendor Ticket


  • Farm-to-table lunch with instructors
  • Homestead swag bag- includes ​samples, homestead goodies & ​healthy living coupons

Lectures Only


  • Includes Vendor Ticket


  • 14 Homestead & Natural Living ​classes-2 classes will be offered each ​hour.

Vendor Only


  • Shop with homestead & natural-​minded vendors
  • Visit the farm bakery for healthy ​dessert options & sourdough ​breads